Made in Canada - A Zero Waste Christmas Gift Guide


Whether you are buying for someone who is just starting down the path to becoming zero waste, or they've been doing it for years we've come up with a list of practical and affordable zero waste gift ideas from some of our favorite Canadian businesses. Maybe you'll find a few items to add to your own Christmas list as well!


Mason Jar Merchant: Made in Canada: A Zero Waste Christmas Gift Guide


Eco Joy Bags

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Avoid grocery store plastic bags when shopping the bulk aisle with Eco Joy Bags. These bags are made of super light weight and durable ripstop nylon and come in three sizes. They are perfect for all things bulk, from finely ground cinnamon to yummy chocolate covered pretzels.

Fill up the bags in store, transfer your goodies to a reusable container for storage at home and then pop the bags back into your purse or reusable shopping bags for your next trip!


Eco Joy Bags - reusable ripstop nylon bags


The Edgy Moose Designs

Nakusp, British Columbia

Swap out plastic wrap and aluminum foil for an eco-friendly organic cotton bowl cover from The Edgy Moose Designs. Available in a whole array of great designs, these fitted bowl covers are perfect for a number of different uses, from long term food storage to covering a bowl of rising dough.


The Edgy Moose Designs - bowl cover


Goldilocks Wraps

Vancouver Island, BC

Make the switch from plastic wrap to all natural, reusable and eco-friendly beeswax wraps. We love Vancouver Island based company Goldilocks Wraps for their fun prints - with all of their different fabric options you're sure to find a unique wrap for everyone on your list.


Three Bears Golidlocks Beeswax Wrap



Vancouver, BC

This new initiative out of Vancouver is focused on righting the harmful fashion industry. Founder Selina Ho is passionate about exposing the hard truths of fast fashion and educating consumers on how they can make better choices when it comes to buying clothing. Focusing on ethical labour, sustainable materials, conscious consumption, and proper disposal, the mission of Recloseted is perfectly in line with a zero waste lifestyle.

Recloseted's blog and social networks are full of useful tips, and Selina is currently working on an ebook that will be launching in 2019 titled: "The Recloseted Handbook: minimize, organize and create space for sustainable fashion".



Visit to find out how you can get a FREE exclusive preview and a discount code for the full ebook when it launches in 2019!


Splat and Co

Calgary, Alberta

Make the switch from dryer sheets to reusable wool dryer balls and you'll find that your clothes will dry faster and be considerably softer and less static. We love that Splat and Co focuses on reducing their carbon footprint by sourcing their wool from a Canadian run family mill the next town over.

These hand felted dryer balls come in traditional colours and a wide variety of fun 'eco punk' designs! Each set of dryer balls can be used at minimum 1,000 times!


Splat and Co Wool Dryer Balls


Mason Jar Merchant 

Surrey, British Columbia

While most of our products will help you on your way to becoming zero waste, here are a few that we want to highlight that are perfect for giving this Christmas!

Jars, jars, jars! - Whether its used for food storage or serving, home decor, or simply as a cup, there are endless ways that mason jars can be used to reduce waste around the home. We stock a large variety or sizes and styles of mason jars and we're sure you'll find the perfect one for any use you can think of!



Stainless steel reusable straws - help reduce plastic production and pollution by using stainless steel reusable straws, available bent or straight and in all your favorite metallics shades!


Stainless Steel Reusable Straw


Tumblers - Ditch plastic water bottles and switch to a sustainable, zero waste glass alternative. You'll never look back! With over 100 different designs (and new ones being added all the time!), you'll find the perfect mason jar tumbler for everyone on your list. 


Mason Jar Merchant - Let Me Take An #Elfie Tumbler



We can't talk about zero waste without highlighting one of the newest initiatives in our neck of the woods!


The Refillery

Chilliwack, BC

The Refillery is a mobile zero waste shop located in Chilliwack BC with the intention to help individuals reduce their use of single use items. They offer locally made, all natural, planet based, eco friendly, household cleaners and detergents as well as body care in bulk. Individuals can bring in their own jars or containers to be filled. They also offer package free zero waste items such as beeswax wraps, reusable bulk bags, bamboo cutlery, and stainless steel straws to name a few, to help reduce the use of single use items. 


The Refillery

photo credit: The Fraser Valley and Tourism Chilliwack


For your CHANCE TO WIN an amazing prize package featuring zero waste items from many of the shops featured above find this image on our Instagram @masonjarmerchant (giveaway open for entries from November 19, 2019 to November 24, 2019).

Mason Jar Merchant - Zero Waste Instagram Giveaway


  • Posted on by Treen Goodwin

    I am totally in love with the beeswax wraps , I so like the fact they are reusable, perfect for all my leftovers!!!

  • Posted on by Justine

    I love my beeswax wraps and have switched to refillable hand soap and laundry soap in my house. It’s the little changes that make a difference

  • Posted on by Lauren Ng

    I love the idea behind Refillery and wish we had something like this in California! I always have tons of bottles and things that I save after using, and it would be awesome to have somewhere to refill them

  • Posted on by Kat Khair | KATIMALIST

    Wow, all these are great items to gift and so incredibly sustainable. It’s so hard to choose just one but if I had to choose, it would be the beeswax or cotton bowl wraps. I cook regularly and post cooking videos on IG often and these would be so incredibly helpful. So grateful there are solutions like these because even though I use glass containers, I sometimes worry about the top breaking off from wear and tear. But these washable lid alternatives make it so much easier to store food in the fridge!

  • Posted on by kasia dyszy

    i love my beeswax wraps and my wool dryer balls and more are on my christmas wish list! i also love the idea of mason jar tumblers for my kiddos!

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