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Very Impressive!

We purchased a jar for each member of the family just because they were so cute. What has surprised me is that we use them ALL the time! My kids love them and are drinking water regularly because it’s more fun! It has majorly cut down on how many cups need to be washed. I love that they don’t spill and they are surprisingly durable for glass. All of the decals have stayed in place beautifully other than one piece on my four year olds jar, and it goes through A LOT of wear and tear. Very impressive.


Perfect Water Cup!

I have long searched for the “perfect” water cup. I drink a lot of water but was struggling to find a water bottle or cup that I loved (just ask my husband, I had so many). That ended when I bought a Mason Jar Merchant glass tumbler with a straw. Since the day I bought one, I’ve used my tumbler every single day. I feel naked without it and even bought myself some extras just in case my clumsy self breaks one. The quality is amazing and the customer service is fantastic! Highly recommend Mason Jar Merchant!

Great Accessories!

We have eliminated all disposable straws from our household, swapping to reusable straws from Mason Jar Merchant for at home and on the go. Once I started using a mason jar tumbler I couldn't go back to plastic water bottles, water and other drinks just taste so much better in a glass mason jar! I've also found so many other uses for mason jars in my home and Mason Jar Merchant has great accessories to help make them even more useful.

The Humble and Incredible Mason Jar

Photo by Kim Norcross. Shop girl standing on a stool in front of a wall of mason jars


Mason jars are taking the world by storm, but they aren't new, are they?

In their simplest form, mason jars are glass containers with screw-on lids, used for the past 150 years for home canning and preserving foods.

Today, mason jars are a common sight at parties and restaurants, but the possibilities for mason jars are truly endless. We would know, we've dedicated an entire store to them!

Mason jars are nothing new. They've been a common household item for over 100 years, but with standardized sizing that spans the last century, the options for the modern jar user have exploded. Hundreds of mason jar lids and accessories can convert your jar into almost anything!

Would you believe your wide mouth mason jar can be a Bluetooth speaker? What about a veggie spiralizer or the best water bottle you've ever had?

Your regular mouth mason jar (also commonly referred to as "standard mouth") can be turned into soap pump jars, baby bottles, adorable piggy banks and so much more!

If you can think it, there's likely accessory for it! And every year more and more accessories are invented to make your jar even more amazing!

Why do they call it a Mason jar?

The name was inspired by John Landis Mason who invented and patented the first 'Mason Jar' on October 1st, 1858.

Though dozens of brands and thousands of designs have been made since then, the name 'Mason Jar' stuck and continues to be used to this day.

Blue Ball Perfect Mason Regular Mouth Quart Jar on a white background

What is special about Mason jars?

The most important thing about a mason jar, and the reason they are so incredibly versatile today, is the standardized lid sizing.

For more than 100 years, canning jars have been made in two specific lid sizes that attach using a very specific thread pattern.

No one wants their dream home kitchen filled with random glass jars and lids that never seem to match.

Several other styles of jars make pretty Instagram feeds, but are not even in the same galaxy as the mason jar for variety and ease of use.

With canning jars, you can have jars in dozens of shapes, styles, and sizes that only use two sizes of lids!

Those two lid sizes have made it simple for inventors and entrepreneurs to make accessories that fit any mason jar.


What are some things you can do with your jars?

Store your spices in mason jars with specialty spice lids. Head to your favorite refillery with your mason jar and soap pump lid and fill it up with your favorite hand soap.

Make amazing homemade salad dressing and keep it neat with pour lids and spouts. Add a straw lid and turn your favorite jar into your new favorite water bottle.

Use them for all your fermenting needs like kombucha, kefir and kimchi. Make your own non-toxic cleaners with our mason jar spray pumps.

Or you know, actually use them for preserving and make some of grandmas famous jam or pickles!

What is the difference between Mason jars and regular jars?

Unlike the magic that two standard sizes creates, regular or commercial jars have an infinity of lid diameters, thread patterns, and depths to choose from. This makes it much more difficult, if not impossible, to match lids with glass jars and bottles when you're trying to reuse them at home.

Some commercial jars are only meant to be used for preserving in a commercial or factory environment. Of course most households don't have the specialized equipment needed to use them for preserving. This limits their use at home to storage - and that's only if you can find the right jar and lid combination in the first place.

In addition to incredible versatlity, two-piece standard canning lids made for mason jars, make it possible for anyone to preserve thier favorite family recipes at home.

Mason Jar Sizes

Click here for our size guide.

Lets talk volume! Mason jars (as opposed to mason jar lids) come in many useful sizes.

Typically available in sizes ranging from 4 oz (1/2 cup, 125ml) to 64 oz (8 cups, half gallon, 2L), fans of mason jars suggest having a variety of sizes on hand for all kind of needs.

For example, using the same lid you could store half a lemon in your smallest 4 oz. regular mouth jar, or half a gallon of lemonade!

Ball Mason Jars

Ball is the most well known mason jar brand worldwide.

Thousands of designs over the last century have made Ball Jars a pop culture icon. In addition to standard mason jars, Ball also produces limited edition shapes and designs seasonally.

Ball mason jars are available in regular mouth and wide mouth sizes, as well as vintage wire bail jars and vintage jelly glasses.

Kerr Mason Jars

Kerr mason jars are a popular choice for mason jar lovers. Vintage Kerr jars have beautifully embossed logos, you can read more about the history of Kerr jars here.

Modern Kerr jars are some of the only smooth-sided mason jars on the market which are perfect for labels and decals of all kinds.

Kerr mason jars are available in regular mouth, wide mouth, vintage wire bail and jelly jar sizes.

Mason Jar Mugs

Mason jar mugs are a popular way to drink your favorite beverage, whether it's iced tea, lemonade or something stronger. Mason jar mugs come with a handle and screw on lid, making them perfect for taking on the go.

Lemonade in a mason jar mug on a yellow background

Most mason jar mugs are 16 oz (2 cups, 500 ml). Our favorite on the go tumblers are our Mason Jar Tumblers in Medium which have a narrow body that is easy to hold, fit in most cupholders, and holds 24 oz. (3 cups, 750ml).

With a design to please everyone, Mason Jar Tumblers make great gifts, even for the hard to shop for, because everyone drinks something.

Smooth-Sided Mason Jars

Lots of mason jars come with a diamond quilted texture, or an embossed fruity pattern.

Though beautiful textured designs make your preserved food look gorgeous and are hard to beat, smooth-sided mason jars are essential for those wanting to add labels that are larger than the small oval shape allotted on most jars. You can shop our selection of smooth-sided jars here.

Are Mason jars worth it?

Absoluetly Yes! Once you realize how versatile, practical, useful and healthy mason jars are you'll never go back to mismatched bottles, or toxic plastic storage containters

There are so many different ways that you can use mason jars in your home! With a little imagination, and the right mason jar lid the possibilities are endless. So get creative and start using those mason jars!


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