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Very Impressive!

We purchased a jar for each member of the family just because they were so cute. What has surprised me is that we use them ALL the time! My kids love them and are drinking water regularly because it’s more fun! It has majorly cut down on how many cups need to be washed. I love that they don’t spill and they are surprisingly durable for glass. All of the decals have stayed in place beautifully other than one piece on my four year olds jar, and it goes through A LOT of wear and tear. Very impressive.


Perfect Water Cup!

I have long searched for the “perfect” water cup. I drink a lot of water but was struggling to find a water bottle or cup that I loved (just ask my husband, I had so many). That ended when I bought a Mason Jar Merchant glass tumbler with a straw. Since the day I bought one, I’ve used my tumbler every single day. I feel naked without it and even bought myself some extras just in case my clumsy self breaks one. The quality is amazing and the customer service is fantastic! Highly recommend Mason Jar Merchant!

Great Accessories!

We have eliminated all disposable straws from our household, swapping to reusable straws from Mason Jar Merchant for at home and on the go. Once I started using a mason jar tumbler I couldn't go back to plastic water bottles, water and other drinks just taste so much better in a glass mason jar! I've also found so many other uses for mason jars in my home and Mason Jar Merchant has great accessories to help make them even more useful.
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