Why Mason Jars Make Good Travel Companions



Six Reasons Why Mason Jars Make Good Travel Companions



Mason jars might not be the first thing you think of packing when getting ready for a trip,  BUT (besides the countless health and environmental benefits to using glass!) there are six major reasons we think mason jars make good traveling companions! 



One jar, multiple uses.

A single mason jar can transition from a drinking glass, to a coffee cup, to a bowl, to a sealed container for storing left-overs. Bring along a few beeswax wraps to cover your jar or spread out as a plate for your snacks!





Bring a slice of home with you.

Save money and eat healthier by packing your own snacks and meals with you in jars. Think salads, fresh baked cookies, home-made granola or even shrubs! Make sure you're prepared and compliant if you're planning to cross any international borders.



If you are planning to cook your own meals while you are away, the list of things you can pre-make is endless. Dry pancake or biscuit mix, marinades and salad dressings, spice mixes, even fresh chopped ingredients can be easily packed and brought along in mason jars.





Screw on a lid that seals and you can trust that your mason jar contents will stay in your jar and no where else. No need to worry about leaky plastic bags or plastic lids popping over high altitude passes. No more ice water that smells suspiciously like your lunch, or food that has been ruined by taking on water from your ice chest.





Use for hot or cold food and beverages.

Mason jars can be used to store or serve any temperature of food or beverage, working seamlessly in both boiling water and the freezer. This means that you can use the same jar for your cold water and your hot coffee or tea! Refill your mason jar for beverages while you're on the go and avoid the plastic waste.





Less plastic trash.

Avoid the sea of plastic wrappers at your feet during a road trip by storing snacks and drinks in mason jars. You'll have less waste and a cleaner vehicle, making both you and the earth happier!






Toy storage for kids.
Give each of your kids their own jar to fill with their favorite small toys. The mason jar can sit in their cup holder for easy access to play with while on the road.



If your kids love to draw pop some markers or crayons in a mason jar and twist on a lid. They won't get lost in your bags, and kids can easily find just the right colors for their next masterpiece!




We could keep this list going with even more ways to use mason jars while traveling, but we'll save those thoughts for another time! Until then, happy trails to you!


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