DIY Vintage Mason Jar Flat Lid Christmas Ornament


handmade vintage Bernardin GEM jar mason jar flat lid Christmas ornament handing from an evergreen bough


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DIY projects are popular any time of year, and Christmas time is no exception! When you can also repurpose materials you already have for a DIY project, well, that's a match made in handmade heaven! 

Over the past few weeks we've shown you how to turn used mason jar rings and flat lids into simple DIY Christmas ornaments.

For our last Christmas DIY project, all you need is 2 mason jar flat lids, a hot glue gun, and some string!


three vintage flat lid mason jar ornaments on a wooden crate


Simple Vintage Mason Jar Flat Lid Ornament



Both regular and wide mouth mason jar lids and rings will work great for this DIY, so go with what you have or choose the size you like best.


simple ornament made from used Bernardin snap lids for gem jar


This ornament is SO simple it doesn't even need step by step instructions!

Lay one flat lid shiny side down and loop the twine or string up so each end rests about half way down the flat lid.

Put hot glue all over and then gently press and hold the other flat lid (shiny side out) on top to secure it and VOILA! Done!


three handmade Christmas ornaments made from vintage flat mason jar lids


Try one (or all) of these 3 styles of DIY mason jar lid ornaments, or use these basic ideas to come up with your own!

Double-Sided Mason Jar Ring Ornament

Miniature Mason Jar Ring Ornament

Vintage Mason Jar Flat Lid Ornament

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 four unique handmade ornaments made from used mason jar lids and rings hanging from an evergreen bough


Get creative! Browse thrift stores (yay for reusing!) or dollar store craft aisles, and grab any supplies that catch your eye.

Making your own mason jar lid Christmas ornaments is a great Christmas project you can do with your kids or your girlfriends.

This also make great gifts for teachers, hostesses, etc!


 four ornaments handmade from used mason jar flat lids and rings and Christmas craft items


Looking for already made Christmas ornaments?

We hand make various styles of Christmas ornaments and you can shop them here!


set of four handmade Christmas ornaments with tiny pastel colored lollipops and confetti tucked inside small glass bottles with cork lids 


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handmade Christmas ornaments made from Kerr and Bernardin mason jar flat lids

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