Hi there. I’m Marie,
Mason Jar Merchant’s Chief Jar Enthusiast!
(aka The Jar Girl)

My husband, Jesse, and I have been swappin' plastic for glass since 2014. But my obsession with mason jars began long before I started living the low-waste lifestyle. I’ve been collecting vintage jars for over a decade. They’re beautiful. Useful. Practical.
And dare I say, transformational?!?
Cases and cases of vintage mason jars
We were using mason jars for everything. Eating. Drinking. Storing. Decorating.
Soon enough, we had amassed a rather large collection, and in 2013, we began renting out our beloved jars for special events. I also began crocheting sleeves and creating fun designs for glass tumblers, selling them at local markets in the Lower Mainland of B.C.
An early Mason Jar Merchant market booth 
But then, Jesse and I noticed something...
*This is where the transformation comes in!*
The more glass we used in our everyday lives, the less household waste we produced.
What began as a fun, creative hobby became a mission to kick plastic to the (figurative) curb!
In 2015, Mason Jar Merchant was born and two years later, we launched this online shop to bring you hundreds of eco-friendly products -- along with freakin’ cute jars, of course!
Mason Jar Merchant market booth
We believe…
Single-use plastic is wreaking havoc on our lives.
Living a low-waste lifestyle should be fun, affordable, and achievable.
And swappin’ plastic for glass is the best way to start your low-waste journey!
Here’s to a happy, healthy life on a healthy planet.
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