Small Changes, Big Results: Your 2019 Impact


Customer environmental impact in 2019


In 2019 it was impossible to scroll social media or read a newspaper without seeing headlines like "Save the turtles" or hashtags like #zerowaste #lifewithoutplastic and #sustainableliving

Sometimes these words can seem overwhelming and meaningless but in 2019 YOUR choices made an impact on your home and your environment. Because you chose to purchase a reusable straw, a glass mason jar tumbler and other products YOU contributed to a bigger story of reducing environmental impact on this planet.

Here are just a few quick stats about the AWESOME collective impact MJM Members had in 2019: 


450,000 disposable coffee cups and plastic bottles avoided

1.5 million disposable straws prevented

Every order from MJM looks unique when it arrives because we reuse shipping and packing supplies whenever possible. Rather then sending shipping boxes to the recycling depot, we reuse them to pack up and send out every one of your online orders.

We're thankful to friends and family who have saved and supplied us with their shipping and packing boxes as well!

5000+ items packaged and shipped with reused shipping materials


In 2019 we began offering international shipping!

This year alone we shipped MJM products to cities around the world including Cheadle (UK), Queensland (AUS) and Binyamina (Israel).


252 cities around the world purchased Mason Jar Merchant products online


We share these figures to encourage YOU.

It may feel like every single use swap or low waste choice you make it small and insignificant, but you should never underestimate how those choices add up over time.

Mason Jar Merchant is so thankful and excited about the environmental impact our customers had in 2019.

We can't wait to see what we can do together in 2020!

Here's to a new year ahead!


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