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How to Love a Little Differently This Valentine's Day

  • 4 min read

How to Love a Little Differently This Valentine's Day

how to love a little differently on Valentine's Day


Are you feeling the pressure to plan an extravagant date or find the perfect gift for your significant other?


What if, instead of focusing on romantic love this Valentine's Day, we expand our thinking and love beyond our romantic relationships?


Here are 3 ways to rethink how, who, and what you show love to this Valentine's Day:



1. Show the planet some love


Think beyond the scope of loving people, and work together to show the eartha little love this February. With small changes and just a little effort, you can have an impact on the health of the planet.


grey letter board that says love the planet with a lavender sprig, succulent and reusable straw


Here are 5 practical ways you can show the planet some love this Valentine's Day: 

      1. Clean up your community.Grab a pair of gloves, a garbage bag and a trash picker and spend a few minutes picking up garbage in your neighborhood or at a local part. This can be a great way to get your kid's involved in thinking about how their actions impact the world around them, for good and bad
      2. Learn about your municipality's garbage and recycling guidelines.You may be surprised at some of the materials that you can sort to be recycled instead of trashed. Reorganize your garbage and recycling centre in your home to help you collect the right materials for curbside pickup and/or taking to the depot yourself.
      3. Make a sustainable swap. Think about one way you can cut down on waste in your home. Maybe it means treating yourself to a new glass mason jar tumbler instead of disposable single-use water bottles; or picking up a set of beeswax wraps instead of a new roll of plastic wrap.
      4. Plant a tree. Add some green to your own backyard, or consider gifting a tree instead of sweets this February. Not only are trees a beautiful symbol of growth; they contribute to the health of the environment by cleaning the air you breathe, filtering the water you drink and providing a habitat to countless other plants and animals.
      5. Choose reusable when on the go. If you're planning to treat yourself to a triple shot mocha at a local coffee shop or take-out sushi for dinner, don't forget to bring your reusable mug, containers and bags. Designate space next to your front door or in your car to store a reusable cup, container and bag so you always have them on hand. It's a habit that will reduce your single-use waste while on the go, and it will very quickly become second nature to reach for those practical reusable items!


reusable glass mason jar tumbler with sustainable bamboo lid and stainless steel reusable straw


Loving the planet can be as simple as rethinking your everyday purchases, and reorganizing your home to produce less waste.

Gather a few of your besties, choose one or two ideas from this list and spend your Valentine's Day making the world a little brighter. 


2. Show your body some love


The time for a little extra self-care is now.

Much of our time is spent considering the needs of others, but are you giving your own bodythe physical, mental and spiritual care that it needs?


grey letter board that says love your body with a fruity mason jar pint full of green grapes


Consider what you are putting into your body. Avoid overly processed foods in exchange for nutrient rich natural and local ingredients. Stay away from health and beauty products and even drinkware that expose your body to harmful toxins.

Make time for exercise, existing hobbies, or the chance to learn something new. These activities can be a great way to connect with others too!

Give yourself permission to buy something you've had your eye on for weeks now, or to get rid of something that's been holding you back.


classic novel Anne of Green Gables next to a mason jar full of hot coffee and a light grey hair scrunchie


Self-care might mean booking a morning at the spa to recharge after dropping the kids off at school, treating yourself to fresh eats at a local cafe, or leaving the dishes for another day so you can curl up on the couch with that book you've been meaning to finish for weeks.

Whatever this looks like for you, give yourself the space to treat yourself in the ways that mean the most to you this Valentine's Day.



3. Show one another some love


Be a generous giver. Look beyond your closest relationships and bless others around you with a simple gift that shows them you care.


grey letter board that says love one another with valentine's day printable gift tags and red twine


These gifts don't have to be extravagant. They can be as simple as a small mason jar full of your favorite Valentine's Day candies (conversation hearts anyone?!) or a note of encouragement.

When you sit down with your children to help them write out valentines for their classmates, ask them who else they could write a little note for. Maybe it's the school bus driver or crossing guard, or the mail man. A handwritten note from a child is the perfect way to brighten someone's day!


decorative red twine and valentines gift tags next to a wide mouth mason jar filled with valentine's candy


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