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DIY Miniature Ornament Mason Jar Ring Ornament

  • 3 min read

DIY Miniature Ornament Mason Jar Ring Ornament

diy mini ornament mason jar ring Christmas ornaments on a wooden crate next to an evergreen bow


DIY projects are popular any time of year, and Christmas time is no exception! When you can also repurpose materials you already have for a DIY project, well, that's a match made in handmade heaven!

Over the next few weeks we'll show you how you can use mason jar rings and flat lids to make 3 simple DIY Christmas ornaments.


handmade ornaments made from used mason jar lids and rings


Here's a second way you can transform your used mason jar rings into festive personalized Christmas ornaments!


handmade mason jar ring ornament with red and white striped miniature candy cane and red and white glittery edge


How to DIY Miniature Ornament Mason Jar Ring Ornaments

What you'll need:

  • mason jar rings (used is great or purchase new)
  • small ornaments (balls, candy canes, trees, snowflakes etc)
  • washi tape, stamps, etc (get creative)
  • jute twine or string (to hang ornaments)
  • hot glue
  • scissors

Other supplies (depending on which style ornament you want to make):

  • washi tape
  • glitter
  • etc... get creative!


hot glue gun, scissors, twine, washi tape, miniature red and white striped candy canes and a mason jar flat lid


We recommend browsing thrift stores and looking for Christmas items that you can you repurpose as part of your mason jar lid ornaments. Dollar stores are also a great affordable resource for knick knacks to incorporate into your DIY ornaments.


rusty jingle bell and rusty vintage mason jar ring with scissors, a hot glue gun and rustic twine


Both regular and wide mouth mason jar lids and rings will work great as Christmas ornaments, so go with what you have or choose the size you like best.


three handmade miniature ornament mason jar ring ornaments on a wooden crate


Try one of these 3 styles of DIY mason jar lid ornaments, or use these basic ideas to come up with your own!

Tag us on social @masonjarmerchant and show us your DIY mason jar lid ornaments!


How to:

Step 1: Secure miniature Christmas decor items to mason jar ring.

How you do this depends on what you've chosen to place inside the mason jar ring. If you've got a standing item, like a Christmas tree, use a hot glue gun to secure it to the side of the mason jar ring.


If you have a hanging item, like a candy cane or Christmas ball, secure it to the ring with a tie looped around the side of the mason jar ring so that it hangs in the centre.


miniature white Christmas tree inside a regular mason jar ring with red and white washi tape hanging from an evergreen bough


Step 2: Add embellishments to the outside of the mason jar ring.

We added holiday themed washi tape and glitter around the outside edge of the mason jar ring to give it a more festive look. You can keep it simple and leave the ring as is or add your own flair to the outside!


small glittery gold snowflake hanging inside a used mason jar ring with a red and white striped string


Step 3: Tie on an ornament hanger.

Cut your twine/ribbon/rope so that you can make a good sided loop to hang the ornament a tree branch. Tie the ends in a knot and then pull it around the top of the mason jar ring to create a hanger. 


set of four DIY mason jar ring ornaments with small Christmas embellishments in the centre


To see this DIY in action, check out our tutorial video on our YouTube channel:



Repurposing things in unexpected ways is a great way to reduce waste in your home. DIY mason jar lid ornaments are fun and easy to create, and they make great gifts for family and friends this holiday season!

Flat canning lids can be reused in so many different ways even after you've eaten up all of your delicious homemade canned goods! Don't miss this blog post featuring 11 creative ways to reuse mason jar flats lids! 

Come back to the blog for another DIY mason jar Christmas ornament idea next week! And don't miss our first DIY ornament tutorial: DIY Double-Sided Mason Jar Ring Ornament!


three DIY double-sided mason jar ring Christmas ornaments made from stamped cork


Don't forget to tag us on social @masonjarmerchant and show us your DIY mason jar lid ornaments!


Looking for already made Christmas ornaments?

We hand make various styles of Christmas ornaments and you can shop them here!


small bottle ornaments with made in Canada stickers on the bottom laying on a large white knit backdrop


Shop Canning Lids and Rings here. 

Find us on Pinterest for more DIY mason jar gift ideas!


 small green Christmas ornament hanging in a mason jar ring rimmed with red glitter hanging from an evergreen bow

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