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The shortest answer is Yes. 😂

Mason Jar Merchant is owned and founded by an American, who married a Canadian. 💕

We are both. We currently opperate and make our products out of British Columbia, Canada.

Most mason jars and all mason jar canning lids that we carry are made in the USA. Certain vintage brands like Dominion and Improved Gem were Canadian made.

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Product Care

Two easy ways: 

1. Any food oil like coconut oil or olive oil will break down adhesive residue. Make a paste of oil and baking soda, let sit on the adhesive for a few minutes and then rub with a washcloth until the adhesive is gone. Finish with a quick wash with dish soap. 

2. Rubbing alcohol and a rag - with caution! The rubbing alcohol will dissolve sticky residue but can also break down the ink on our printed vinyl decals that you'd find on our Mason Jar Tumblers. Do not soak the jar in rubbing alcohol. Using a washcloth or paper towel, pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the cloth and rub over the adhesive until gone. Make sure not to get any on the printed decal.

For lid care, please see next tab.

For the current style tumbler, printed vinyl decals on clear or white premium vinyl: (2020 or later)These premium custom printed labels are permanent and rated for outdoor use up to 5 years and they are dishwasher safe! The ink used is a solvent based ink which means it is can break down if exposed to rubbing alcohol or other solvents. If you know that your tumbler is going to be in frequent contact with solvents please let us know so that we can laminate your decal for protection.

For older style tumblers (made prior to 2020) made with small pieces of solid color vinyl (or multiple solid colors) follow these instructions: We recommend hand-washing your jar using only a soft dish brush and gentle dish soap on the decals.   You may also wash the jar with a cloth inside and rinsing with water without scrubbing the exterior decals.   Small decals or sharp corners may snag on a dishcloth, this is not recommended.   With larger designs without small pieces you may try washing your jar in the top rack of your dishwasher with the design facing the exterior wall of the dishwasher, but try this at your own risk.  We have had jars go through hundreds of times with no ill effects, and other jars that were destroyed in one washing.  It is our guess that even the detergent used can make the difference (anything containing essential oils seems to break down the adhesive). Small pieces (which make the design super cool) are more vulnerable to wear than larger pieces.   If you have a design failure please let us know! 

Canning lids will rust if left in water, but they do great in the dishwasher if you follow these simple steps.

(for solid/non-straw lids please omit the grommet removal)

1. Take the lid and band off your jar.

2. Push grommet out of the lid from the top down and place in a secure
basket or over a peg in your dishwasher.

3. Place flat lid on a peg or in a slot
where it is close to vertical.

4. Place ring with top side up in as flat as position as possible ensuring it can’t flip over.

5. Make sure your dishwasher is set to a dry cycle.

6. Wait until all pieces, especially the
grommet, are completely dry before
popping the grommet back in the lid
from the top down.


If rust does occur, you can gently scrub the rusty portions with baking soda and oil. Be careful not to broadly scrub the top or decaled portion of your lid, even baking soda can leave scratch marks on your lid, or vinyl decal. 

Once rust is removed you can slow down the formation of future rust with olive oil, coconut oil, or food safe wax like beeswax to protect from further rusting.

Removable silicone grommets are dishwasher safe, if they accumulate rust, they can be scrubbed with any food safe oil mixed into a paste with baking soda or any other food safe abrasive.

All decorative metal lids are likely subject to rust.  Hand-wash recommended.

Zinc and aluminum will corrode in the dishwasher so these are hand wash only.

If you have a rusty or corroded jar ring you can scrub with an S.O.S Pad.  Heavy rust can be removed by soaking the affected area in white vinegar for 2 hours at a time, followed by scrubbing with a stainless steel scrub pad, aluminum foil or an S.O.S. Pad.  

Prolonged exposure to vinegar can completely dissolve the metal, so make sure and do this step when you won't get distracted and set a timer.

Check the individual product listing/directions but to our knowlege all are top rack dishwasher safe.

Metal bands are hand wash only. 

Plastic pieces are top rack dishwasher safe. 

Silicone tops are dishwasher safe and sanitizable. 

These should be hand washed. The paint is very durable but dishwashers can effect the adhesion of the paint to the lid or jar. If you're dealing with a straw lid, always remove grommet prior to washing and make sure all parts are completely dry before reassembling them. Make sure to remove and replace the grommet from the top of the lid down. 

BONUS QUESTION:Why do I need to remove and replace the grommet from the top down?  

We hand drill all our lids, and sometimes we are left with a slightly bent metal edge that could cut the silicone. Removing and installing the grommet from the top ensures that you’re only working with the smooth side of the metal.

Fluffy Cozies:

These are quite thick and insulating.  All of our fluffy cozies are made with 'Super-wash Wool' (a blend of wool and synthetic fibres) and are machine washable. 

We recommend washing them inside out to reduce pilling and laying flat to dry. 

Thin Intricate Cozies:

These cozies are thin, more detailed and more expensive.  They are made with 100% Merino Wool and WILL SHRINK IN HOT WATER. They should be washed inside out on COLD / DELICATE and laid flat to dry. 

Any other cozy / sleeve:

Please follow the manufacturers directions.

Modern Jars (Without Wire Bail):

Plain jars are dishwasher safe though jars may gradually become etched over time with harsh dishwasher detergents.  

If you have a valuable older jar, you may want to hand wash it if you are washing it often, to prolong its pristine surface.

Vintage Wire Bail Jars:

Some jars with a wire bail are completely removable, older jars have a zinc wire holding the lower part of the bail in place.  If the entire bail can be removed, the jar itself is dishwasher safe.  If the lower bail can not be removed the entire jar should be hand washed only.  

Zinc and aluminum will corrode in the dishwasher.  

If you have a rusty or corroded wire bail you can scrub with an S.O.S Pad.  Heavy rust can be removed by soaking the affected area in white vinegar for 2 hours at a time followed by scrubbing with a stainless steel scrub pad, aluminum foil or an S.O.S. Pad.  

Prolonged exposure to vinegar can completely dissolve the metal, so make sure and do this step when you won't get distracted.

Chalkboard Labels:

If applied carefully and without bubbles or edges damaged, chalkboard labels can be run through the dishwasher (in our personal experience!) multiple times without any wear.  Every dishwasher is different, so we suggest washing one before you try the whole batch. 

Printed premium vinyl labels (like spice labels and waterproof stickers):
These premium custom printed labels are permanent and rated for outdoor use up to 5 years and they are dishwasher safe! The ink used is a solvent based ink which means it is can break down if exposed to rubbing alcohol or other solvents, avoid solvents!

BPA Free Reusable Plastic Straws, Stainless Steel Straws, Silicone Straws, Glass Straws and all straw cleaners are all dishwasher safe. *High five!*

Mason Jar Questions

Yes, we offer customization bulk and corporate gifts.  Minimum of 12 units.

Please email us here with the details of what you'd like and we will get back to you with a quote.

This guide should help: click here.

GEM jars were mainly (or only ever) produced in Canada between the early 1900's and the late 1960's.  GEM jars have a mouth diameter in-between regular and wide mouth jars. You can see measurements here

Gem jars can be sealed with pretty vintage glass lids or new modern canning lids. Find all Gem size lids here.

No, we don't value or date jars, though we do love to see pictures of your collections.  We recommend The Red Book of Jars by Douglas M. Leybourne Jr. for your jar valuation needs. Keep in mind that the collector value and market value can vary widely.

Sometimes - depending on the size and quality of a collection. Please email us a complete itemized list with plenty of pictures and your asking price. 

Jar donations (old and new) are always accepted at our retail store location. Please bring any donations by during posted business hours only. Drop offs after hours could be subject to a city fine.

No, we try to steer clear of drinking and eating out of plastic whenever possible.

All of our mason jars are real modern or vintage canning jars unless otherwise noted in the product description.

general product questions

Our online system does not let you add anything to your cart that we don't have. We have nothing on backorder or pre-order unless specifically mentioned in the product title where you can't miss it. 

There is a chance if something is low in stock and someone purchases that item before you, you might not be able to check out until you adjust your cart quantity of that item.

Keep checking back, we add new treasures every week!

We don't actually give out canning advice because we're jar experts, not canning experts!  

You can visit or 

(Bernardin, Ball, Kerr and Golden Harvest are all owned and manufactured by Newell Brands, their parent company.)

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We are not currently offering any tumblers via wholesale due to continued supply issues. If you'd like to carry other products, please apply here wholesale page and let us know which products you are interested in carrying.

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