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'Bean Screens' - Mason Jar Sprouting Lids (2 Pack)
Sprouting is super-easy, especially with the 'Bean Screen' from Masontops.  Never grown sprouts before?  Don't worry!  You can grow any type of sprouts; alfalfa, bean, broccoli, and more. All you need to grow delicious sprouts is a mason jar and your 'Bean Screen'.  Add the...
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'Chalk Tops' - Chalkboard Finish Mason Jar Lids (8 Pack)
'Chalk Tops' are the world's first premium all-in-one chalkboard mason jar lid. These BPA-free food-safe lids work straight out of the box, without messing around with paint or stickers before they're ready. Chalk or erasable chalk markers easily wipe clear...
from $10.95
'Coffee Caps' - CO2 Releasing Mason Jar Coffee Storage Lid (2 Pack)
LET YOUR BEANS BREATHE!  Whole-bean roasted coffee gives off carbon dioxide in a "de-gassing" process that can negatively affect the quality and freshness of your coffee. To keep beans at their best, they must be stored in a container which allows the...
$19.95 $14.95
'Multi Tops' - Easy Sip & Pour Mason Jar Lid
'Multi Tops' are designed for mason jars in busy homes, with life on-the-go. Whether sipping your favorite beverage during your commute, shaking up a home-made salad dressing, or storing a variety of daily used dry-goods in your pantry, these BPA-free and Phthalate-free lids are ideal...
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'Tough Bands' - Rust Proof Plastic Mason Jar Rings (4 Pack)
Replace your flimsy and rust-prone metal mason jar rings with 'Tough Bands'. Made from durable BPA-free food-safe plastic, Tough Bands won't rust, and can be easily washed in the dishwasher.  Compatible with any standard mason jar canning lid, 'Tough Bands' are air-tight...
from $10.95
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'Tough Tops' Rust Proof Plastic Solid Lid (4 Pack)
Turn any size mason jar into an air-tight storage container with 'Tough Tops'. Unlike other plastic lids that bend and buckle, or metal canning lids that rust and scratch, 'Tough Tops' are built to last. The underside of each lid has a...
from $14.95
Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit (9 Piece Set)
These essential tools will make fermenting your own veggies quick and easy, eliminating the risk of mold, or the need to monitor your fermentation on a daily basis.   The Mason Jar Fermentation Kit includes: 4 'Pickle Pipes' suited for wide...
$65.95 $54.94
Pickle Pipe Fermentation Airlocks
Fermenting your own foods has never been easier or more fun!   Pickle Pipe Airlocks one-way valve automatically releases gas without letting any oxygen in, which means you don't have to manually burp and babysit your fermenting foods.  Set includes 4...
from $18.99
Trap Cap Fruit Fly Catching Lids
Say goodbye to fruit flies for good!  The Trap Cap can go anywhere you go; your home, office, camper, and more.  Trap Caps are designed for Regular Mouth Jars.   Set includes 4 caps.  One each Teal, Green, Clear and...
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