Reusable Straws
and accessories

It's easy to say no to plastic straws, with our huge selection of reusable straws and accessories!

Did you know that 50 million disposable plastic straws are thrown away EVERY day in the U.S. alone?!

TRUE, the paper straws being used in the restaurant industry are better for the environment, but have you tried sipping an iced coffee or pop through a paper straw?! It's so compostable it starts to break down within minutes.

Reusable straws are an affordable way to avoid the disappearing straw fiasco, and keep your beverages environmentally friendly!


Reusable straws are BPA free, toxin free, dishwasher safe, and ENDLESSLY reusable!

Choose from a wide variety of materials, colors and styles to suit your preference.

Level up your reusable straw game today!

Step 1: Choose a material: BPA free plastic, silicone, or stainless steel
Step 2: Pick your color/design and size
Step 3: Accessorize! Grab a silicone tip for easy drinking or a reusable bag to store your straws in when you're on the go!

Choose reusable today.

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