Snowy Tree Scene 1920s Mason Jar Half Gallon - White
Photo is actually of the 1930's version, 1920's jars have a wire wrapped around the jar neck to hold the wire bail in place.    Approx. 9.5" tall, 4.5" wide.  Height may vary slightly depending on jar.
Mini Jar Ornaments - Sm - Tiny Green Trees
Little jars with silver lids, small green trees The perfect stocking stuffer for jar lovers and miniature lovers alike.         Each ornament is lovingly handmade by a team member at our Canadian Headquarters.         Set...
Snowy Tree Scene Mason Jar Pint
Bottle Brush snow scene in Bernardin Pint jar.
Snowflake Vintage Decorative Jar
Celebrate the season with this cute vintage jar!   Approximate sizes: Small = Pint/16 oz  6" tall, 3" wide Large = Half Gallon/64 oz - 9.5" tall, 4.5" wide
from $22.99
Mini Lollipop Ornament Set
Getting into the Christmas Spirit(s)?     Fun and stylish, our drinking jars are the perfect way to take your favorite beverage holiday shopping, carolling, or walkin' in a winter wonderland!  You'll improve your health and keep mounds of plastic from...
from $18.99
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